Süleyman Gök Traditional Medicine Specialist

  • Hacamat Institute
    I am the founder of the Traditional Medicine Academy.
  • Since 2008, I have trained more than 8 thousand students in 17+ countries.
  • I have experience of around 20 thousand cupping applications. The cupping instructors of the Ministry of Health learned the first cupping from me.
  • Since 2014, I have not been doing much Hijama in Turkey due to the legislation. I share my experiences with online Hacamat seminars.
  • You can contact me by phone +90 532 301 10 46 or +49 157 316 344 33.

Leech / Acupuncture / Hacamat

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Hadisi Şerif No 3984 – Hz. Enes radıyallahu anh anlatıyor: The Prophet (pbuh) would be a cupping from the veins on both sides of his neck and the vein between his two shoulders. ”