Suleyman Gok, Author of the world best selling ''HIJAMA'' book.

The author was born in 1972. He graduated from Kahramanmaraş High School in 1989 and from the Faculty of Engineering of Hacettepe University in 1995.

He moved to the United States to work and learn the language, staying there for 11 years, between 1997 and 2008.

He returned to Turkey in 2008. He started to educate himself on the natural treatment methods that he was very interested in.

He received training in hijama, acupuncture, homeopathy, and hirudotherapy from Dr. Mehmet Kocabaş, a representative of the Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia. He was the assistant to Dr. Kocabaş for one year.

Across Turkey, he provided training on hijama and hirudotherapy with Dr. Mehmet Kocabaş. In 2011-2012, he received a coaching certificate from the British Cupping Society, headed by Dr. Tamer Shaban, and he obtained Turkish representation rights and gave hijama trainings on behalf of the British Cupping Society.

As of July 2012, he completed Medical Massage and Reflexology training, approved by the Ministry of National Education.

After 2012, he started giving trainings on behalf of the Traditional Medical Academy, which he established in Turkey in place of imported education.

The Academy’s teaching staff, consisting of a total of 40 people, with doctors, nurses, and physical therapists from 17 cities in Turkey and 8 countries and 25 cities worldwide, who have been trained by the writer himself, have been providing hijama trainings since 2014.

As of January 2022, he has trained more than a total of 10,000 hijama specialist students and more than 40 hijama instructors from many countries, primarily Turkey and European countries, but also including Mexico, India, Brazil, and Pakistan.

He was elected as the chairman of the executive board of the Hijama Association, established in October 2012. He still continues this duty.

He obtained the title of Traditional Medicine Physician from the Alternative Medicine School in Calcutta, India, in 2016.

His book, HIJAMA, has become one of the best-selling read and translated books in the world.

The author, who has been accepting patients since 2008, gave up hope in modern medicine and became the hope of patients who resorted to hijama.

Suleyman Gok

Suleyman Gok